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3 Qualities To Look Out For In Your Construction Project Management Software

3 Qualities To Look Out For In Your Construction Project Management Software

When evaluating options for construction project management software there are a number of qualities you should look for. To overcome staff scheduling nightmares, bloated payroll processes and a lack of transparency on how projects and jobs are really tracking, construction industry businesses are turning to project management software solutions to solve these and other problems.

If you are looking for a better way of running your business and getting your life back, then a comprehensive construction project management software platform like Neo Intelligence may well be the solution you’re looking for.

3 qualities of construction project management software

Here are three key qualities to consider with your choice of software:

Easy-to-Use and get started with

To succeed, the software must be easy to use and intuitive in how users enter and access information. It should be easy to use not just by ownership or management, but for all personnel in the business, no matter their role or where they’re located.
Neo Intelligence has been designed by construction industry business owners to overcome the complexity they faced and reduce a reliance on paperwork, spreadsheets, white boards and text messages – outdated processes which are all too common across the industry. In designing the software, keeping it simple was the driving philosophy. It had to be extremely user friendly, not only in the office, but out on site by staff from their tablet or mobile phone.

A simple and easy-to-use interface allows all staff to enter and receive key information – from personnel scheduling to tracking materials and equipment, entering job status and milestones, maintaining quality assurance, recording a comprehensive site diary, obtaining digital sign-offs and much more.

Training time should be kept to a minimum with a software tool that should be incredibly easy-to-use, convenient and cost-effective.


If you require a snapshot of how a particular project is tracking you shouldn’t have to wait for site reports to eventually come in by email or text message. You should be able to view the project on a dashboard and see critical information as it is entered including photographs, memos and site documentation.

With all data stored securely in the cloud, your project information must be available 24/7 and on all mobile devices. With just a few clicks on your phone, laptop, tablet, or other smart device, you can receive and share up-to-date notifications to your co-workers, clients and other stakeholders. As updates are entered directly into the software, you won’t have to wait to be in the office to access reports about your project and business productivity. Real-time updates will give you reassurance that your projects are tracking on time and within budget.

Drives Efficiency

Construction industry businesses have traditionally been slow adopters of digital solutions. Using construction project management software such as Neo Intelligence will give you an advantage over your competitors, drive business efficiency and hence profitability.

Neo Intelligence’s founders have seen first-hand how competitive the construction industry is through their own businesses, with costs rising, and often not being matched by increases in charge-out rates.

The best project management software provides the power for you to realise many efficiency gains, provides transparency through key information being available at your fingertips, and is a huge time saver.

The desire to improve previously time consuming tasks such as scheduling staff across multiple sites, simplifying and speeding up payroll processing, keeping track of QA processes and incident forms, maintaining track of tools, and simply having a clear overview of how the business was performing, lead the founders to build a solution from the ground up – specifically for the construction industry.

Gone are a multitude of spreadsheets, whiteboard lists, paper based-forms which are easily lost, post it notes, and hundreds of SMS messages trying to coordinate tasks and flows of essential information. Neo Intelligence is enabling business owners and managers to get much of their precious time back and improve margins in the process, and integration into popular accounting software programs drives efficiency even further.

How to get started

To find out how Neo Intelligence construction project management software can help your construction business, please contact us for an initial discussion and free demonstration.
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