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7 Reasons Businesses Need Construction Management Software

7 Reasons Businesses Need Construction Management Software

The construction industry has come a long way in digital transformation solutions in the past decade. There are now many options and factors to consider when choosing the right software platform for your business. 

The construction project management software you choose should digitise, automate and streamline your construction business processes and workflows to aid in smooth project completion, increased profitability, and enhanced productivity.

The best construction management software to look for contains powerful features, including real-time customisable reports and dashboards, resource calendars, digital timesheets, site diaries, integrated payroll engines, plant and document registers, custom form builders, and other valuable functionalities.

Here are seven compelling benefits of using construction project management software in your business:

1 – Improved Team Communication and Visibility

A centralised point of communication provides greater access to all project information, reducing the chances of miscommunication and increasing team collaboration, especially when utilising subcontractors.

Look for features such as a Site Diary and Project Calendar: Storing all site diary data in the cloud ensures accurate documentation and simplifies collaboration, eliminating the risk of document misplacement or loss. Having access to information at your fingertips can also be beneficial to resolving disputes that may arise.

A project calendar feature allows for a better, at a glance, understanding of the overall project pipeline, which optimises resource allocation and enhances efficiency and organisation.

2 – Greater Organisation and Digital Document Management

Paper documentation can be problematic as it is cumbersome, susceptible to loss, often prone to inaccuracies, and less easily shareable among team members than a digital trail.

Look for features like a Plant Register and Document Register for construction management software. Plant Register helps you keep track of all your equipment and its availability. At the same time, the Document Register makes it easier to manage and access important documents, which can boost productivity and save money on printing and transport costs.

3 – Better Time Management of Projects and People

Construction management software allows for efficient planning, scheduling and delivery of projects, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and within budget.

The Project Calendar feature in your construction management software helps your team better understand the whole project and allocate resources more efficiently.

How much time do workers and subcontractors spend manually logging time sheets? Digital Time Sheets offer valuable insights into performance in a centralised location. These time sheets should integrate with your accounting software.

4 – Real-time reporting

Live data sharing in the Cloud Storage means instant communication and information can be shared across the project team, including day contractors, improving collaboration and accelerating decision-making.

The best construction project management software also provides Live Reporting so you can stay informed about your operations anywhere at any time.

5 – Shareable and Remote First

Managing projects as they grow and change can be challenging, especially for companies with team members and subcontractors across different regions. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals can become increasingly difficult.

When looking for construction management software, ensure it can be Accessed From Any Device. That way, the right team member can access the necessary information anytime, rather than being lost somewhere on a job site or in a truck.

6 – Customised and Tailored Client Solutions

For most construction companies, your unique processes are a crucial selling point that helps win your customer’s business in the first place. Look for software solutions that help you maintain custom processes like Custom Dashboards and Reports and Custom Form Builders that streamline your data collection and management across teams, removing the need for existing paper-based processes.

7 – Reduced costs

Time is money. With few exceptions, improving productivity often goes hand in hand with reducing costs, as you can accomplish more with fewer resources.

By implementing digital tools in construction, you can also gain valuable insights and make better decisions, further optimising your resource utilisation. These two advantages of construction digitisation work together to reduce costs for your projects and overall business significantly.

Ultimately, great construction project management software increases the efficiency of the delivery of your projects, improves the visibility and transparency of communication and provides the ability to scale by removing friction and margin for error.

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