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A Construction Company’s Biggest Time Killer

A Construction Company’s Biggest Time Killer

And no, it’s not morning smoko.

It’s that time of the week or fortnight that you dread. A tedious, time-consuming process that you apply the same kind of enthusiasm to, say, a root canal or being stuck in peak-hour traffic on the way to a site.

It’s payroll. And it’s painful.

At the end of the week, you’re up to your elbows in paperwork, collating timesheets by hand or inputting hours into a spreadsheet. You’re deciphering illegible scrawl, chasing up hours and attendance, silently (or maybe not so silently) swearing at your foremen for incomplete records and inaccurate numbers … and wishing more than anything you were draining a cold one instead of draining hours hunched over a computer.

Putting the wages through is only half of it: after payday arrives, you can be inundated with phone calls from annoyed staff because hours have been missed or they’ve been left off timesheets completely.

Wages are a construction company’s biggest expense and, more often or not, it’s the cause of their demise if not monitored properly. You’re paying for it – in more ways than one. And it makes zero commercial sense for you to waste time chasing up and confirming employee hours and attendance when this can be easily and efficiently undertaken through a simple app that you can manage from anywhere. Here’s why you should consider using a platform such as Neo Intel for your payroll:

You’ll get your life back … and boost your bottom line

Ever feel like there’s so much going on at work you’re not in control anymore – and that you have little time left to drive your business, let alone spend time with family and friends? Well, by freeing up the time you spend slaving over wages, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat and feeling like you’re controlling your business, not the other way around. Concrete placement company Ocon Group has seen a whopping 75% decrease in admin time and $250,000 in savings from wages since implementing Neo Intel. Think about how you could spend that time (and money).

You’ll minimise errors

Many companies still rely heavily on paperwork for payroll. But if you misread employees’ handwritten records and key in numbers incorrectly, you’ll be costing your business big time. Spreadsheets are also prone to data corruption and error. You’ll vastly reduce payroll errors (and out-of-hours calls from grumpy staff) by handing it over to an online platform. Neo Intelligence easily handles and manages wages much better than any business owner can. What’s more, it allows you to closely monitor your senior employees’ record keeping and keeps them accountable for their mistakes.

It easily integrates with existing payroll software

You’ll be able to export all your timesheet data to your payroll software of choice – Neo Intel integrates and works seamlessly with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks.

You’ll get an edge over your competitors

The construction industry gets more cutthroat every day. A majority of companies are still bogged down by old-school paper systems they’ve been using for decades. By switching to an online platform, you’re putting yourself ahead of the rest – and moving your business into the 21st century.

You don’t need an IT degree to use it

Developed by tradies for tradies (we’re concreters, not computer programmers), we wanted a more efficient way of managing our mountains of data and time. But we wanted to develop a tool that’s easy to use, because we speak your language.

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