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Benefits of using subcontractor scheduling software with a mobile app

Benefits of using subcontractor scheduling software with a mobile app

Managing teams and resources has long been the hardest part of running a subbie or trade business, and the introduction of subcontractor scheduling software has been one of the most significant improvements in generations. Having software specific for subcontractors on a mobile app takes it a step further.

Thanks to technological integration, the project management tools used in the office are now mobile, giving all members of staff easy access to the information they need, where and when it is needed – whether that is in the truck, on a site or back in the office.

Better communication means better collaboration

Construction needs communication to get stuff done. With all the moving parts of a construction project, having real-time communication via a mobile app makes collaboration possible. It can mean the difference between getting the job done right the first time, and scrapping work to correct an error at the subbie’s expense.

Not everyone on the team needs the same information, so having different portals or apps such as for a supervisor or field worker means people get the information that they need for the day, and not become distracted by information they don’t.

At HQ, office staff can update projects and schedules in the software’s admin console. New projects or changes to tasks, schedules, documents and more are then visible for supervisors and fieldworkers via mobile apps built for their needs. This multiplies the benefit of everyone getting their information from the same software system but being able to stay focussed on their own part of the job.

For supervisors, having the office updating their team’s schedule and tasks into the Supervisor app reduces unnecessary checking in changes to staffing and tasks. The Supervisor app includes project information, such as work to be done and which workers are allocated to the site that day.

For field workers, their mobile app keeps it simple, showing their own schedule, including site details to know where they need to be and when. They can easily submit timesheets and make diary notes, so information isn’t lost, forgotten or stuck in someone’s messenger app.

Information on tap – wherever you are

Construction projects aren’t delivered in the same office day in and day out, they are built, poured, installed, erected out there in the world. Sharing up to date schedules and project details on a mobile app puts it out there where the teams are, saving valuable time and effort.

Delivering work information via an app into the pocket of each member of the team means the team can be mobile, flexible and stay ‘in the loop’. Having the project details on hand reduces the chance of costly errors that disrupt client projects and cost the subcontractor time, money and reputation.

Always up to date

Changes in construction projects are common but are sometimes unforeseen – and are always disruptive. Keeping track of the many moving parts of a project can be hard, so receiving real time updates on a mobile app can save the day.

Key man John is sick and can’t make it to work today? A crucial delivery is running late and stopping work on a site? Notifications of vital new information via the mobile app means that everyone involved can quickly learn what has happened, and can make the right decisions to re-organise their day to match the new conditions.

Streamline the resource juggle

Any business has a limit to its resources – be they people or equipment – and a major risk to the operation is overscheduling any of them to be in more than one place at a time.  The best subcontractor scheduling software will make it clear what resources are available, and make it easy to plan where each can be used with no double ups.

Think that construction is a set and forget business? No way! The best laid plans and schedules often need to be changed. Perhaps a project has had to be extended, or bad weather has mucked up the timeline. Construction rescheduling can be done with a simple click and drag to update allocations and schedules. Once it’s done, sharing the update with the team should also be easy – having a dedicated mobile app for supervisors and fieldworkers as part of your subcontractor scheduling software means that everyone gets the update they need direct to their phone.

Get the data in, to improve visibility

The eternal equation: time = money. With product and energy costs skyrocketing, the easiest way to improve profitability is to reduce wasted time and effort.

Data from a busy project site comes in many formats – from the times and dates of staff sign-ins and deliveries, to photos of progress on site, and team comments recording context and details. Capturing all of this in a mobile app site diary, as part of your construction software, keeps this important information secure and also available instantly to others in the organisation.

Get the data out, to be able to share

Reporting can be for better business management but also for clients. Data in the system can be in the form of completed forms, photos, signatures on delivery notes, to text and audio. Parts of that project data are needed for different purposes, whether that is for management to make decisions on how to support business growth, or for clients. With customisable report formats, the right types of information are available and ready for action.

Skilled project managers will look at reports and can see if there are signs that a milestone is at risk, and then take the necessary action to get it back on track.

Regular reporting to clients about what is happening on their site helps them to work with the subcontractor to make decisions quickly. Providing clients with accurate information in a useful format also builds trust in the subbie-client relationship.

Problems sometimes happen, and that is when project information is needed to avoid a dispute. Having quick access to detailed information of different types can prevent issues from escalating, without adding more work for supervisors,  fieldworkers or admin staff to pull the information together in a hurry.

Improve productivity and confidence

The long list of benefits in using subcontractor scheduling software on a mobile app starts with the ability to communicate and collaborate across teams and clients.

The convenience, time saving and flexibility of having project information in a mobile format to keep the team working to the plan. Real time updates and notifications make sure they know the latest as things change. Capturing the detailed information from site that management and clients need. Giving confidence and clarity to clients that they know what is happening on their site.

In the busy Australian construction industry, having an effective system that collects, organises and shares information gives a business control. Over managing its valuable resources. Over the distribution of information to give the team and clients the information they need. An effective subcontractor operations management system helps a subcontractor business to manage itself efficiently, then improve and grow its operations and profitability.

Explore what subcontractor scheduling software with dedicated mobile apps can do for your business. Learn how the right software can help subbies to become more efficient and profitable. 

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