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Boost Efficiency and Ensure Project Compliance With Custom Form Builders

Boost Efficiency and Ensure Project Compliance With Custom Form Builders


You likely already know the immense risks of non-compliance in the construction industry. Whether you stand to risk financial losses, reputational damage or, in the worst case scenarios, injury or even death, compliance is (or should be) at the forefront of every business owner and project manager’s mind from the very beginning. 

Construction is a highly regulated and complex industry. Many laws and regulations govern every aspect of the building process, including insurance, building codes, worker agreements, union requirements, safety codes, and more. Ensuring every stakeholder on the job complies with the necessary regulations can be a complex and challenging task. 

A critical challenge for compliance on all construction projects is the inefficient management of project documentation and filing of forms. Poor document management is not only a risk for compliance but also leads to wasted labour timecommunication issues, slow completion times, and more delays.  

What is a custom form builder?

Designed specifically for the construction industry, custom form builders enable construction employees and subcontractors to create, modify and manage digital forms for collecting and keeping records of various data. 

Users can tailor these forms to capture specific information about different aspects of a construction project, such as:

  • Safety inspections
  • Quality control
  • Daily reports
  • Change orders
  • Progress reports and more. 

Customisable digital forms empower subcontractors to easily maintain regulatory compliance, improve data accuracy, and enhance project efficiency. 

How construction management software and custom form builders increase efficiency and compliance

Accurate safety documentation is crucial for compliance. It protects contractors from legal issues and enhances job site safety by identifying hazards and reducing risks before work commences.

Obtaining detailed information from site teams leads to greater insight into the root causes of quality and safety issues, risky behaviours, near misses, and incidents. Traceable and digital documentation trails made possible through custom form builders can lead to a better understanding of potential issues and help prevent future incidents.

The benefits of using a custom form builder can include the following:

Standardised Data Collection: Custom form builders can ensure subcontractors collect consistent data that adheres to Australian regulations, making it easier to compare and analyse. 

Improved Accuracy and Completeness of Data: Custom form builders capture all the information subcontractors and regulators require, reducing errors and omissions in the data. Detailed information ensures the data entered is accurate, complete, and adheres to Australian regulatory requirements.

Automated Data Entry: Automating data entry processes saves subcontractors time and improves accuracy. Automation allows them to focus on the work that matters rather than spending excessive time on manual data entry tasks.

Better Record Management: Manage records more efficiently by tracking changes and updates to data. These records ensure the most current information is available to all stakeholders and subcontractors, which is especially important in the event of an audit or regulatory review.

Improved Communication: Facilitate better team communication by providing a clear and accessible platform for project updates and compliance-related information. This transparency helps to ensure everyone is on the same page, which reduces confusion, misunderstandings, and delays.

The Neo Intelligence Custom Form Builder: Designed for the Australian Construction Industry

Our Custom Form Builder is designed specifically to comply with Australian construction industry regulations and standards. Our software offers advanced features such as conditional logic, which allows specific questions or sections of the form to appear or be hidden based on the responses to previous questions.  

The Neo Intelligence construction management software can reduce admin time by 75% using these custom form builder features: 

Intuitive interface for designing digital forms using drag-and-drop tools or pre-built templates.
  • Customisation options to match your branding and style
  • Advanced features like conditional logic
  • Standardised data collection
  • Automated data entry
  • Cloud storage for real-time data
  • Custom integrations and development
  • Remote access from any device.
Improved record management and better communication ensure you stay QA-ready with inspection and test plans, quality assurance, quality control, and site safety forms all in one place.
"Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) are helpful because of the custom form page builder. Other builders can be picky, but ITPs make it easy to toggle on or type in whatever information is needed, including text blocks. It's a real-time-saver; the office can email or download the form to send directly to the builder.” – Spiros Mamary General Manager

Our form builder is custom-made to make construction project management compliance easier! You’ll spend less time on admin tasks and keeping track of compliance. So, whether you’re doing an internal check-up or getting ready for an audit, we’ve got your back.

Learn more about how our Custom Form Builders can improve your project management here or schedule a demo with the team today.


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