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Construction Management Software: 8 Essential Features for Subcontractors

Construction Management Software: 8 Essential Features for Subcontractors

As a subcontractor in the construction industry, finding the right construction management software that aligns with your specific needs can be daunting. 

Construction Management Software can encompass many solutions, some of which may be overly complicated and expensive for your requirements. Furthermore, you don’t want to overpay for a colossal construction management system with features you won’t use!

At Neo Intelligence, we believe in providing easy-to-use and effective operations management solutions tailored specifically to how subcontractors run their businesses. If you’re looking for construction management software to improve productivity and reduce risk, these features will empower your business and bring you quick wins in construction operations management.

Fundamental construction management software features to look for:

  1. Easy to use in office and for field workers
    Construction management software should not be a burden for your team. Our platform ensures a user-friendly experience in the office and the field, both for the fieldworker and the supervisor. The intuitive interface allows your team to quickly adapt to the system, reducing the learning curve and maximising productivity.
  2. Easy to Get Started
    We understand that time is of the essence for subcontractors. Our seamless onboarding process allows you to start quickly. You can easily import your existing workflows into our cloud-based system, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions.
  3. Replicate your current workflow in a Cloud-Based System
    With our software solution, you won't have to change your existing workflow completely. We designed the system to replicate your current processes in a cloud-based environment, providing a familiar and efficient way to manage projects, resources, and progress but with increased productivity and less risk.
  4. Reduce the risk of late payments
    Keeping accurate records is essential for subcontractors. The Site Diary feature lets you record and access daily occurrences, progress, and incidents on-site through photos, drawings, and notes. This documentation helps reduce disputes and ensures you get paid faster for the work you've completed.
  5. Custom form builder for greater compliance
    As QA and QC requirements evolve, you need a flexible solution. Our custom form builder empowers you to create functional and personalised forms in minutes, ensuring site safety and easy compliance.
  6. Make data-driven decisions with live reporting
    Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with the Live Reporting feature. Access real-time reports across your operations, anytime and anywhere, to monitor project performance and make proactive adjustments.
  7. Reduce errors with digital timesheets and payroll management
    Effortlessly manage payroll with the Neo Intelligence Payroll Engine to accurately track employee start and finish times. Field staff can effortlessly sign in and out on their phone while Supervisors can review and confirm fieldworker attendance and edit timesheets on the go. Additionally, we offer seamless integration with popular accounting software like Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, and more, streamlining your financial processes.
  8. Drag and drop scheduling and inbuilt SMS messaging
    Take the frustration out of scheduling and communicating with your staff. Staff management features such as one-click personalised SMS, real-time timesheet updates and geo-location monitoring help to ensure field teams are always aware of when and where they are needed, making staff and project management a breeze.

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