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Construction Management Software Can Streamline Your Operation

Construction Management Software Can Streamline Your Operation

Managing a construction industry business can be a very complex undertaking, especially where there are multiple sites and labour challenges in terms of scheduling and daily management. Construction management software is taking much of the hassle out of juggling staff across multiple sites and providing added transparency to business managers across their operation as they seek efficiency gains.

Some of the features of Neo Intelligence’s construction management software that will change the way you operate your business relate to managing staff on a daily basis, communication, site management, compliance and financial integration. Software solutions have become essential in streamlining the construction management process and vital for daily communication, project coordination, labour scheduling, obtaining status reports, certification, quality control and accounting integration.

Customers of Neo Intelligence have been reporting up to 75 percent reduction in administration time, registering half the number of phone calls and 57 percent fewer contract disputes.

Construction Management Software Features

Staff Management

One of the biggest pain points in construction management lies in managing staff and ensuring effective job communication. The Neo Intelligence software and app allows you to see availability of staff and allocate them to the appropriate project while recording and managing performance. Outdated and time consuming methods of job scheduling including using manual systems such as using spreadsheets, job books and whiteboards are hampering business. Neo Intelligence allows for changes to be made and communicated at the press of a key on your keyboard or mobile device.

Staff Communication

Are you tired of manually sending text messages to multiple staff and suffering from confusion and mixed messages? Clear and effective communication to managers and staff is essential to ensure a smooth running construction operation. With a workforce more mobile than ever, the importance of efficient workforce scheduling and communication software is driving the bottom line of those businesses integrating it into their operation.

Time Sheets & Payroll

Digital time sheets incorporated into Neo Intelligence allows all staff to complete them on their phone or tablet so that they can be accurately paid. Integration with popular accounting software packages such as Xero, Quickbooks, and MYOB allows for easy payroll processing.

With a range of Enterprise Bargaining Agreement obligations, it’s so important to ensure your payroll data is accurate. Staff signing into and out of sites digitally eradicates many errors and eliminates mundane data entry – time which your staff can use for more productive tasks. Neo Intelligence’s EBA interpretation engine and software integration with these accounting packages leads to productivity increases.

Digital Sign-Offs

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date site diary like that featured in Neo Intelligence is no longer a dated process of combining handwritten notes, emails and photos located on multiple devices. Key project details, progress reports, drawings and photos are recorded directly into the app from mobile devices and stored securely in the cloud. Entries can be tagged, which is a great organisational feature. Specified users can be added to entries which allows them to get notified of updates as they are entered. The digital site diary will ensure you will be up to date on communication, equipment, labour, materials, and job site occurrences.
The ability to provide regular communication to site staff with ongoing job instructions is another feature, as is the ability to obtain digital sign-offs to keep the project progressing and ensure compliance.

The Benefit of Live Customisable Reports

Another benefit of Neo Intelligence’s construction management software is the ability to access live reports which are customisable across your entire operation, day or night.

A log that tracks the status of a building work project is significant for contractors and managers looking to make sure that projects are progressing within budget and according to schedule.
From your phone or tablet you can view and share up-to-date notifications with your managers and field staff. The management dashboard will help keep you on top of all your tasks and get instant updates on the status of all projects.

The Neo Intelligence platform is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device and is securely stored in the cloud for added convenience and security. Neo Intelligence provides access to dedicated customer support and back-up and is the trusted management platform for some of the best construction companies in the business.

How to get started

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