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Construction Software Neo Intelligence launches QR-Code Check-Ins

Construction Software Neo Intelligence launches QR-Code Check-Ins

Disclaimer: This announcement captures a specific moment and is subject to potential changes due to upcoming releases.

When times are busy and field staff are moving between multiple sites, tracking everyone’s whereabouts and their work hours on each job can become extremely complicated. Construction software helps with the high-level tasks of managing labour, materials and project milestones, but there is still a need to have visibility of each worker’s hours on the tools, and where and when those tools were actually used. 

Conventional timesheets add to the headache back at the office, as well as creating an administrative burden for site supervisors and team leaders. What we heard from Neo Intelligence users was simple - make it easy to ensure staff sign on and make it seamless for that information to integrate with other project information, including schedules, project details, site diary notes and payroll. So, our crew of coding experts got to work and created the Neo Intelligence Fieldworker app to make it simple for the team to log their hours using the app. At Neo Intelligence though, we don’t stop improving and have recently created another way for field workers to log their hours. 

QR-Code Check-In

Unlike GPS-based applications that can make some workers feel like their privacy is compromised, the QR code feature is a simple, straightforward way for a worker to register their presence on site and to clock off when they leave. This also makes managing teams easier for site supervisors and leading hands, who can choose either to have staff scan the QR code on the supervisor’s device or they can print out the code and hang it up in the site shed and make it part of the daily pre-start meeting for staff to check-in before the conversation kicks off.

Given the familiarity most of us have with QR code check-ins during pandemic restrictions and the way checking in was connected with health and safety, it’s pretty logical to make it part of the pre-work daily safety talk routine. And, unlike GPS-based location monitoring approaches, the QR code does not contravene any of the conditions of some of the common industry Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs). 

“We're always listening to our clients to improve our platform. And this is a request that we've heard multiple times,” explains Neo Intelligence Founder Daniel Ouliaris. “It is a solution that will support businesses with another option for fieldworker check-ins and check-outs."

Keeping track of people, program and paychecks

Another bonus that will make sense to your workers is the sign-in feature strengthens the integration between staff and their pay packets! The simple QR Code sign-on and sign-off give accurate information on hours worked that is integrated with timesheets and easily accessed by payroll via the Neo Admin Console.

For Supervisors, new QR codes will appear for each site they are on, and schedules will automatically reflect on the Supervisors app - so there is less need to be constantly coordinating with the office by phone or text. All the essential project details, including location, planned activities and site drawings, are right there in the palm of their hand, so it’s much easier to verify which workers are completing which tasks and verify project progress.

Staff with the Fieldworker app can also access schedules and project details, plus submit their timesheets and diary notes anytime from their smartphone or tablet.

Meanwhile, back at the office

The management team can access details of who worked where, on what and when, so they can monitor daily progress, have visibility of staff movements, and correlate person-hours with project financials. And if things change - as they often do - the office team can change scheduled dates and times for projects and let the relevant people know via the built-in SMS message functionality.

Neo intelligence Admin Control view when field staff check in

The Supervisor app and the Fieldworker app are both able to utilise the new feature, which further strengthens Neo’s power to give you back valuable productive on-site hours by taking away another part of the administrative burden.

How do I enable the use of this new feature? 

Because we are here to make managing your business easier, enabling the new QR Code Check-in feature is too. Just speak to your Client Success Manager, and they can enable the feature. It is available to any existing Neo Intelligence client - and the best bit is that there is no extra charge.

Please note that this feature is not compatible with Supervisor or Field Worker apps that currently use a GPS check-in feature. Speak to your Client Success Manager if you would like to consider changing to the new QR Code feature.

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