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Efficiency Unleashed: How Construction Scheduling Software Boosts Subcontractor Success

Efficiency Unleashed: How Construction Scheduling Software Boosts Subcontractor Success

Subcontractors working across multiple sites at once know the challenges they face: multiple clients and projects each with their own tasks and timelines, and having teams of workers in different places at once. Juggling staff and equipment to work with all of the moving parts is half the job itself. Any construction management system or construction scheduling software must not only understand the needs of businesses working in construction but be built from the ground up to boost the success of the subcontractor – and reduce the admin side of the job.

The right technology can transform the operations of a subcontracting business and make the balance of the working day about doing client work and growing the business, instead of endless tasks such as scheduling, messaging workers where to be and what to do, and finding information.

Subcontractor success from streamlining operations

Getting the right people to the right site, on time, and ready to do the right task. Sounds easy, but when there is an ongoing shortage of staff, and projects needing tweaks and changes all the time, planning and communicating the schedule and then getting confirmation that the fieldworkers will be there can take up a lot of management time.

Construction scheduling software that gives a visual dashboard of upcoming projects with tools to make it easy to create and update the schedule can reduce workload dramatically. Set up each worker’s profile in the construction management software with their available hours then the system shows who is available for what project. Need to make a change due to delays or weather? Simply drag and drop the project to re-arrange the week’s work to accommodate the new requirements. Plus effective construction software will then support you in sending instant notifications to all team members either via SMS or within the Fieldworker app and Supervisor app with the click of a button.

Seamless collaboration, easy communication

Sharing information such as schedules, project plans and product documentation means that all hands know what they need to do, and have the details to enable them to do it.

Communication can be hard when the team is spread out across multiple noisy, messy sites. Having a central system to capture and share information digitally with all members of the team, based on what they need to know, makes the flow of information easy and seamless across the business.

Having a system to either send SMS or text messages or notifications via the Fieldworker or Supervisor app to staff mobiles gets the message out there quickly and easily.

Getting it right

Making a plan and getting it right requires more than just a good memory, it needs built-for-purpose software. A construction management software that helps the business maintain precise, up-to-date plans that incorporate all the available staff and resources takes more than a simple calendar. For concreters, formwork, steel fixing, or other subcontractors, there are plant, people and products to plan for, in projects that are constantly changing.

Software tailored to subbies

Use construction management software that understands your work, and is built to manage it. Projects change constantly – from bad weather, product supply issues, or changes to the project itself – and a subcontractor needs to be up to date on what is needed across multiple sites at once. It's also crucial to be on top of it all as small mistakes can result in wasted time, or rework at the subbie’s expense.

All that smart software needs to be in an interface that is simple, and easy to use from the office to the supervisor to the field worker. Click and drag scheduling tools used in the office, then send the right information straight to the version of the mobile app designed for either supervisors or field worker gets the info they need into their pocket quickly and easily.

Data for management

While the planning is done by management, collecting site information via a digital site diary is done by the team in the field. Collected data from photos of stages of work, to signed approvals to staff timesheets all collected on-site and sent digitally to the admin team means up-to-date data that informs planning, budgeting, and client communication. Have the information waiting for you in your construction management software to prove project compliance or make that payment claim. Be ready to quash any project disputes with up-to-date, detailed information from the site.


Construction management software with an easy-to-use scheduling feature that is built with a deep understanding of subcontractor businesses, and the information needed at each stage, boosts success in many ways. From making the business more efficient to reducing errors, to supporting payment claims easily, and proving the case in project disputes quickly. Neo Intelligence was developed by subbies who wanted to make their business more successful, and then to share the system with other subbies so they could benefit too. While construction as a task is as old as humanity, embracing technology in the business is evolving construction to be a more efficient, better business for the humans doing it.

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