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How Does a Construction Management App Make A Positive Impact on Productivity Levels?

How Does a Construction Management App Make A Positive Impact on Productivity Levels?

Like many industries these days, utilising a construction management app powered by cloud-based software is transforming how construction industry businesses are being managed.

The results can be extraordinary with increases in productivity and efficiency filtering through to the all important bottom line. Gone are outdated manual processes that are replaced by a software platform which will keep you in control of all of your projects.

With a construction management app like Neo Intelligence, you can keep track of work productivity and efficiency to make sure everything is running smoothly, and have access to key data and project updates securely and online 24/7.

So, what are some of the ways in which your productivity can be increased by using a construction management app?

Construction Management App Productivity Features

Staff Communication and Management

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks is managing staff across multiple sites. Having a workforce management system available at the touch of a button is reassuring for owners and those entrusted with managing site staffing. Neo Intelligence’s workforce management software is customisable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Creating rosters and communicating with employees has been made simple with the streamlined functionality of the app. Scheduling labour from a spreadsheet or whiteboard and manually sending text messages is a thing of the past with drag and drop labour and machinery allocations, bulk SMS with individual start times and SMS instructions feature.

Digital Site Solutions

Using an app and software solution will allow construction industry businesses to receive and provide immediate updates.

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date site diary like that featured in Neo Intelligence is no longer a wieldy process of combining handwritten notes, emails and photos located on multiple devices. Key details, progress reports, drawings and photos are recorded directly into the app from mobile devices and stored securely in the cloud. Entries can be tagged, which is a great organisational feature. Specified users can be added to entries which allows them to get notified of updates as they are entered. The digital site diary will ensure you will be up to date on communication, equipment, labour, materials, and job site occurrences.

The ability to provide regular communication to site staff with ongoing job instructions is another feature, as is the ability to obtain digital sign-offs to keep the project progressing.


Important compliance tasks are made much easier through using a construction management app, especially to meet quality assurance and quality control requirements. Having documentation, progress reports and certification on hand on your mobile device not only reduces administration time but provides ease in compliance monitoring and reporting.

With a range of Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and internal award obligations, it’s so important to ensure your payroll data is accurate and avoid any unnecessary errors. Staff signing into and out of sites digitally eradicates many of these and eliminates mundane data entry. Neo Intelligence’s EBA interpretation engine and software integration with popular accounting packages leads to productivity increases and reduction in errors.

Cloud Solution

With your data stored securely in one location in the cloud, that means it’s accessible everywhere through the app, from your phone or other device. This gives you the freedom to work on the go, and also empowers staff to enter required information on the spot. Live reporting and real-time updates provide an accurate snapshot of your business and all projects.

Neo Intelligence founder Daniel Ouliaris, who himself has been the owner of construction businesses, has seen first hand the massive difference that a dedicated construction management app can make, not only to his business but to Neo Intelligence’s clients with savings across the board.

"Our clients have been reaping the rewards with them reporting up to 75% reduction in administration time, making 50% fewer phone calls, saving 25% in wages, having 57% fewer contract disputes because of their record keeping, and up to 42% reduction in lost equipment."
Daniel Ouliaris, CEO Neo Intelligence


How to get started

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