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Is Paper Clogging Your Business?

Is Paper Clogging Your Business?

Are you drowning in paperwork?

As a business owner, we all know what it feels like to be drowning in paperwork. There’s a constant stream of crucial information flowing in and out of the business. We need a solid paper trail for day to day operations to run smoothly, but it’s not always easy to manage it all.

The problem starts in the field. Compliance with building codes, safety, pre-start checks, quality control, recording delays, additional works and staff timesheets are a necessity to make sure every job stays on track. The list of ‘to do’s’ is long and the headache is magnified by how this information gets back to headquarters. So how do you manage it better?

We are tradies who left school at 16 to chase an apprenticeship.

We’ve come across countless business owners just like us, who manage their paperwork using a mixture of spreadsheets, pen & paper checklists, outdated triplicate books and manual collation of data. It’s all incredibly time consuming.

Double-handling information has almost become the norm for sub-contractors and it’s clogging up the arteries of most construction businesses. Have you ever had to manually pick up staff timesheets, QA forms, print off individual text message photos or sort through countless emails trying to stay organised? Yep, we’ve been there too.

We can’t help but feel empathy because if you left school at 16 like us to pursue your passion in a trade, you probably skipped learning business management skills, systems & procedures and how to utilise technology in business. Trial and error can be a costly process – a process which is usually learned the hard way – trust us, we know!

Start working ON your business, not IN your business.

What if you didn’t have to wade through piles of paper anymore? What if there was a way to keep project documentation, communication, client info, critical data, staff schedules and project history in one paper-free paradise? What if you had the support of a system that was easy to use, saved you tonnes of time, and could be accessed from anywhere in the world when you need it most? This is exactly what we were looking for, and that’s why we developed Neo Intelligence.

You will get your life back.

We have made it our mission to come up with a system that can manage the most common headaches in any construction business in a way that you – the tradie – can easily understand and work with right away. It’s a system that can be utilised to keep everyone accountable, employees and principle contractors alike.

Neo Intelligence was built from the ground up using lessons that we had learnt through hardship and mistakes. We were like any other business implementing new ideas and systems in a never ending pursuit of trying to make things work. We learnt that in order to run a well-oiled and profitable business, efficiency was the key. Technology is the shortcut to efficiency and helped us perform simple tasks exponentially faster than we, or any human, could.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, but what we are most excited about is the fact that construction businesses no longer need to wade through the mountain of paperwork or face the frustrations we did when growing our business. By using smart technology you’ll never be without crucial project information again, you’ll never fear exposing yourself due to lack of data, and you’ll sleep easy knowing exactly what is happening in your business.

If this sounds good to you, get in touch and we can show you what we’ve created and how it can help you get your life back.

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