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Subcontractor Project Management Software Can Transform Your Business

Subcontractor Project Management Software Can Transform Your Business

Utilising subcontractor project management software to manage your operations can remove some of the biggest pain points as described by business owners and managers. Whether you’re running a scaffolding business, bricklaying, landscaping, painting, or literally any type of construction-related operation that involves managing multiple sites with associated labour needs, then Neo Intelligence will enable you to maintain control of all your projects.

Neo Intelligence is full of features that work together to ensure you have a good workflow and improve productivity and ultimately add to your bottom line.

So, what are some of the features of Neo Intelligence’s subcontractor project management software which can transform your productivity?

Subcontractor Project Management Software Features

Staff Management

One of the biggest pain points in subcontractor management lies in managing staff and ensuring effective job communication.

With staff needing to be allocated across multiple sites and often with late changes being made to rosters, companies are turning to integrated software solutions to take the stress out of this vital function.

Scheduling labour from a spreadsheet or whiteboard and manually sending text messages is a thing of the past. Drag-and-drop labour and machinery allocations, bulk SMS with individual start times and SMS instructions feature, are saving labour-intensive businesses time and money.

Neo Intelligence customer QRC, a concreting contractor, has fully utilised this functionality for efficiency gains with their staff management and scheduling.

QRC operations manager Ashley Johnson said: “It was a full time task for someone just in scheduling. All the daily scenarios that unfold meant that there were many changes to schedules, which made it a very difficult task with a manual system. Managing this huge task reduced that person’s ability to be productive doing other things.”

Time Sheets and Payroll

Digital timesheets incorporated into Neo Intelligence allow all staff, no matter where they are located, to complete on their mobile device so that they can be accurately paid. Integration with accounting software packages such as Xero and MYOB allows for easy payroll processing.

With a range of Enterprise Bargaining Agreement obligations, it’s so important to ensure your payroll data is accurate and avoid any unnecessary errors. Staff signing into and out of sites digitally eradicates many of these and eliminates mundane data entry. Neo Intelligence’s EBA interpretation engine and software integration with popular accounting packages leads to productivity increases and reduction in errors.

Live Reporting

Another benefit of Neo Intelligence’s subcontractor project management software is the ability to access live reports which are customisable across your entire operation, day or night.

A log that tracks the status of a building work project is significant for contractors and managers looking to make sure that projects are progressing within budget and according to schedule.

From your phone or tablet you can view and share up-to-date notifications with your managers and field staff. The management dashboard will help keep you on top of all your tasks and get instant updates on the status of all projects.

Mobility and Cloud Solution

With a simple and easy UI, Neo Intelligence is very intuitive and welcomed for its ease of use across an entire organisation and by all staff. Little training is required for staff to be able to enter and provide important daily site information no matter where they work and not require them to visit the office to provide basic information updates.

The platform is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device and is securely stored in the cloud for added convenience for project management and scheduling. By removing headaches from dated management and record keeping methods and reducing administrative errors, Neo Intelligence’s software is making a big difference to the bottom line of many businesses and the platform of choice for construction labour management.

How to get started

To find out how Neo Intelligence’s subcontractor project management software can help your business, please contact us for an initial discussion and free demonstration.

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