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The ‘Challenge’ With Managing Labour

The ‘Challenge’ With Managing Labour

Organising labor effectively and across multiple sites is one of the greatest challenges faced by construction business owners in the building industry. It chews up profit and hours very quickly when not managed effectively.

When you’re responsible for 30+ employees, simple tasks can turn into a nightmare. It’s your job to make sure that each site has enough labour to complete a job. Get it wrong and it can be a costly mistake that cuts into your margins – and leaves you with a headache!

It’s not uncommon for business owners to store data and problems in their head. At best you might use a combination of spreadsheets, white boards and scribbled notes in order to schedule labour. Notifying each employee job details by text, cuts into valuable time and energy that could be better used elsewhere. Working in this way is mundane, and can create a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Even when you think you’re organised things rarely go to plan on a construction site. Things constantly change due to weather, employees calling in sick, or mistakes by other contractors. Throw in a last minute cancellation and all of your hard work goes out the window. All you want to do after a long and challenging day is to relax and unwind with your family.

Now there’s an easy way to stay on top of these labour headaches and help your business thrive. Neo Intelligence is purpose built construction software that can manage all of these complexities for you. The only thing that isn’t covered is how you’ll spend the time you’ve saved.

Neo Intelligence gives you piece of mind and allows you to focus on the things that really matter by getting all of the critical information out of your head and into a reliable software platform. You can dive into simple reports on labour used and labour allocated. It will even calculate your profit margins!

The best part about Neo Intelligence is that it’s mobile. You no longer have to sit in the office in order to manage your operations and can get things organised efficiently and effectively from any part of the country.

Neo Intelligence was created by tradies for tradies, who wanted to ‘get their life back’ in their own businesses. We’re eager to share our solution to help other business owners find balance and manage their businesses with ease.

Get in touch, and we’d be happy to take you on a tour of the tool and show you how the right software can help you become more competitive and play even bigger in the construction industry.

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