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Why Construction Scheduling Software is so important for Subcontractors

Why Construction Scheduling Software is so important for Subcontractors

Subcontractors know better than just about anyone that time means money, so any construction scheduling software that promises to save them hours to get their teams to the right site each day has a lot to live up to. 

Scheduling software for construction must make it easy to manage where both equipment and staff are allocated for jobs, wherever the scheduling manager may be. Whether it is in the office, in the truck or out on a site, your construction scheduling software has to make it easy to add in new jobs or to make the many changes that come as part of a busy trade or contracting business. 

Ultimately, no human is perfect, and mistakes are bound to happen. However, manual payroll processing can be cumbersome, time-consuming and rife with error. The construction and trade industries face unique challenges, especially concerning Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) and internal award compliance and regulation. 

The Big Benefits of Construction Scheduling Software

Easy to update and roll with the changes

Weather delays are affecting that big job set for tomorrow that already has 16 staff allocated. No problem. A new job comes in for a favourite customer, and they need it NOW? Easy. 

The right system makes short work of adding or changing the schedule for teams on multiple sites by providing good visibility over where everyone and everything is allocated. The tools within your construction scheduling software need to make updating easy, with functionality such as drag and drop to rearrange whole projects or the individual workers allocated to it quickly and visually. 

Make it easy to share the plan

Communicating the schedule and any changes with staff also has to be easy. It’s the people in the business that do the work, so making sure that they know what is happening and can see where they need to be, at what time is an important feature of any construction scheduling software. From giving the team an easy to use roster of their upcoming tasks and sites, to clear communication of any last minute changes, making short work of sharing the schedule with the team is a key component of effective construction scheduling software.

Managing it all, wherever you are

The ideal construction scheduling software gives each user what they need and not what they don’t. The scheduling manager needs a comprehensive dashboard of information across multiple projects, while the individual worker needs to see their schedule and task details quickly and easily. The site manager needs information in between - what is happening on that site today, and tools to manage the team on the day. Having a single system that provides a different interface for the office, supervisor and field worker gives everyone what they need, and doesn’t bog them down with information they don’t.

Quick start up

Starting to use a new system can seem daunting when the business is already busy, so new construction scheduling software has to be easy to get started. A software package that promises to be easy to use needs to start that way. If it’s going to take management away from the business for days to figure it out, then it’s not meeting the brief for subcontractors. New construction scheduling software should replicate the job management workflow already in place, but provide a new way to do it that means setting up and scheduling work is so much faster, and accurately updating jobs a breeze - leaving no equipment or staff behind. 

Pay for what you need, no more

Keeping it simple and focused is the key for subcontracting businesses. Huge construction management systems are great for the head contractor and developer, where while the high cost of their software makes sense for the whole project, it is overkill for subbies. For subcontractors with work on more than three or four sites at once and between 20-200 staff to worry about, the costs of a big system is overkill and a waste. 

For a subbie, the right construction scheduling software should not cost too much, while delivering an excellent return on investment with big savings on time, effort and headaches in managing jobs and scheduling a workforce.

Increase profits with the right construction scheduling software

Whether business is booming or new jobs are hard won, it’s important for subcontracting businesses to reduce the time and effort spent on the daily tasks of job management and scheduling. The right subcontractors’ construction scheduling software will reduce wasted time and effort, improve productivity and communication with the team, at the right price. Add that all together, and see just how profitable it can be to pick the right construction scheduling software.

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