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Why Your Business needs Subcontractor Scheduling Software

Why Your Business needs Subcontractor Scheduling Software

Running a business in the construction industry means working with lots of moving parts that often need re-organising to adapt to changing plans. Doing that accurately and quickly is crucial, so your business needs construction scheduling software that is built with real-life knowledge of subbie life, to maximise your productivity - and profit.

Reschedule on the fly

Changes to jobs or new work come in day in and day out, so updating staff schedules and equipment allocations needs to be able to be done from a truck, the office or somewhere in between.  The right subcontractor scheduling software system is mobile and makes short work of adding or changing the schedule for teams on multiple sites. It provides good visibility over where everyone and everything is allocated and simple tools to update the plan as changes happen.

Share the news

The next step of sharing updates with the team must also be easy. Subcontracting businesses are all about their people, and it all works when the team knows what is happening and where they need to be. Your business needs subcontractor scheduling software that makes short work of sharing the schedule with the team. A subcontractor scheduling software that sends out SMS notifications and has dedicated mobile apps for both supervisors and field workers with just the information they need is ideal. 

Quick start

Setting up a new construction task management software can seem hard, especially if the business is already operating. New software should not re-invent the whole workflow but give the team a ‘quick win’ in saving them time and effort to do the tasks they already do. Having construction scheduling software that is drag-and-drop to allocate staff, resources and equipment and allows you to shift projects around will make things easier and give you success with a quick start. 

The right tools for the job

Part of making it easy to absorb a new system into the business is having the software ‘tools’ you need and not what you don’t. Big construction project management systems are great for the developer, where the complex software makes sense, and justifies the high cost. For subcontractors who work, say 20-150 staff across three more sites at once, they need construction scheduling software with a focused set of tools to make scheduling projects easier. The cost needs to make the investment easy to recoup in savings in time, effort – with the bonus of fewer headaches!

Managing a subcontractor business profitably includes getting the daily tasks well while reducing the time and effort spent doing them. Your business needs the right subcontractor scheduling software to improve your productivity, at the right price.

Construction software built by subcontractors for subcontractors

Keen to understand how subcontractor scheduling software can work in your business? The team at Neo Intelligence are here to help you learn about the scheduling, site diary, reporting and other tools that have been built for a business like yours. The team that built the software come from a subcontractor business, so are the right people to show you how they saved time and money – and you can too.

Want to find out more? You can explore the success stories of fellow subcontractors that use Neo Intelligence for their construction schedule software by reading our Client Success Stories here.

Or you can Request a demo with our team today to discover how Neo Intelligence can streamline your project scheduling process.

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