Highrise Carpentry: Streamlined construction communications between site and office

How Highrise Carpentry streamlined construction communications with Neo Intelligence

Company: Highrise Carpentry
Industry: Carpentry

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Published: 28 April, 2023

Highrise Carpentry: Streamlined construction communications between site and office

Highrise Carpentry has more than 15 years of experience successfully delivering commercial carpentry for some of the largest commercial builders in Australia and globally. Covering a broad range of carpentry and construction subcontracting, Highrise prides itself on maintaining a hands-on and personalised approach to projects, no matter the size or complexity of the job.

We chatted with the team at Highrise Carpentry, our clients since 2018, to learn more about the challenges they faced surrounding their claims processes and project management admin requirements that led them to find Neo Intelligence.

The Problem: Information Everywhere, Disconnect Between Site and Office​

Highrise Carpentry was facing an all too common communication challenge. Information between the office and the site would only sometimes flow smoothly. Fragmented and incomplete communications often resulted in several phone calls, with difficulties determining what work had been done and when.

Timesheets need to be accurate and correct information is crucial.

The only way that Highrise Carpentry workers and subcontractors had previously to relay critical information was via email, often sending screenshots as proof. This information is essential when dealing with claims and disputes, where having the necessary paper trail becomes crucial. If the data still needs to be uploaded, it can cause headaches in chasing it down.

“Progress payment claims are submitted based on the completed work, divided by building, number of buildings, levels, and the finished work. So many details need to be uploaded, the number of buildings and the completed work,” said Jasmin Karuala from Highrise Carpentry.

Highrise Carpentry was frustrated with not getting information from all the forepersons, especially when dealing with multiple projects. Gathering information from everyone every month, even weekly, for timesheets was challenging.

They came across Neo Intelligence 5 years ago and haven’t looked back…


The Solution: Customised, Streamlined and Centralised Communications

Neo Intelligence is Melbourne based and developed off decades of experience in the construction industry. This experience was a key drawcard in Highrise Carpentry’s consideration of adopting the construction management software.

“I found it difficult to find options within the construction industry, especially ones specific to Victoria and our Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA). There are many options, but many subcontractors have specific processes that need to be followed, and many construction apps or platforms can’t be customised to fit our needs. If Highrise was going to invest in something, we wanted it to be something that could be customised to fit at least 90% of our needs,” said Jasmin Karuala from Highrise Carpentry.

The entire team has access to the Neo Intelligence platform, from the forepersons and admin in the office to the builders and subcontractors. The supervisor can fill out timesheets and keep records of daily activities. The admin team and Directors have access to view job allocations. Delivery and day labour dockets are uploaded and signed off within the Neo construction management software. 

Every piece of information was included in the digitisation of the Highrise Carpentry processes. 

“Neo Intelligence is like a bridge between the site and the office that streamlines communication and ensures everyone is on the same page. It is a construction management program because that's really what it is. It manages all our work on one platform, from admin to site.”

Jasmin Karuala
Office Manager

Neo Intelligence has dramatically simplified the construction and day labour process. It is a huge time saver for sites and admin as, instead of running around with books and getting signatures, everything is readily available, online (and offline) and in real-time, for all stakeholders to view.

Highrise Carpentry: Favourite Features and Functions

We asked the team at Highrise Carpentry which Neo Intelligence construction management platform features had provided the most significant business impact –

Customisation and Integrations: Highrise Carpentry were sold on Neo Intelligence with the ability to customise certain aspects to fit their state-specific requirements and regulations.

Live Reporting: Getting all the information that’s needed, when it’s needed. Extracting all the necessary information is straightforward for the weekly timesheets and accounting, but the real strength lies in the live reporting and accessing project information in real time. The team can quickly and efficiently respond to admin requests without calling a supervisor for additional information.

“The most beneficial aspect, in my opinion, is clearly understanding where jobs are located. When entering timesheets, we include everyone's name and the job they're working on that day. This way, the office can easily check the information and decide whether to relocate workers to other jobs if necessary.”

Damian Lucev
Project Manager

Site diary: The team used a paper diary and a day labourer book to write down everyone’s tasks and dockets for the day. Everything is now on Neo Intelligence, removing the physical need to write everything down, simplifying the process and saving time.

Bonus Benefit: The Simplification of Intricate Processes

Simply put, Neo Intelligence streamlines everything, which saves time and effort. Time is crucial in the construction industry, and writing details on paper or sending messages, which overcomplicates the communication side of construction management, is a thing of the past.

“By clicking a button, I can check where everyone is, which was previously difficult. We can see who is on each project and managing which site, so we can make requests in one call rather than go on a fact-finding mission. This simplifies the process and saves time, ” Damien Lucev from Highrise Carpentry.

Additionally, the company accountant can easily extract the timesheets from Neo Intelligence and advise on any issues. This feature is a substantial resource saver compared to the hours they used to allocate to process wages manually every Monday morning.

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